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Archiv 2011: Find lots of pictures online!
All pictures available at blitznicht.de
(Read complete article...) Donnerstag, März 17 @ 15:24:43 CET

Archiv 2011: The results are online
All the results: click
(Read complete article...) Sonntag, März 13 @ 00:39:08 CET

Archiv 2011: Wichtige Information / Important information
Folgende Klassen müssen wegen Erkrankung eines Paares abgesagt werden:
SO: Senioren II LATEIN B

The following competitions have to be cancelled due sickness of one couple:
Sunday: Senior II (o/45) LATIN B
Saturday&Sunday: Senior III (o/55) LATIN B
() Mittwoch, März 09 @ 22:57:17 CET

Archiv 2011: The timetable is online!
See the timetable: klick

(Read complete article...) Montag, März 07 @ 22:26:44 CET

Archiv 2011: Competitor's lists

Dear couples,

please understand, that changes regarding entries (cancellations, mistakes, etc...) will not be published at our website from now on. We answer all cases individually.

Thank you!

(Read complete article...) Montag, März 07 @ 14:45:40 CET

Archiv 2011: Information
Currently we put in all entries, which arrived my e-mail and not by our online system. After having finished this task we start to create the timetable.

We face the challange to accept all entries which arrived in time. We try to develop a reliable timetable with only calculable risks. Please understand, that we temporarily can't answer request for late entries from now on.
Thanks for your understanding!
(Read complete article...) Donnerstag, März 03 @ 01:09:14 CET

Archiv 2011: Entries closed
Dear competitors,

as you can see in our entry list we already reached the level of more than 1000 (!) entries! Thank you very much!

Please note, that entries arriving later than March 1st 2011, 12:00 PM, cannot be accepted to assure a reasonable timetable.

Thanks for your understanding!

The organizers
(Read complete article...) Dienstag, März 01 @ 23:45:17 CET

Archiv 2011: Pilotproject

Partly replacing and in addition to the Competition-Rules of the Austrian DanceSport-Federation the following Rules are to be applied for 2ß011: .

  • Simultaneous competitions on 2 or more floors. One panel of judges for each floor.
  • The panels do not change within a class. 5 or 7 judges are working in one panel. There are not more than two judges representing the same country/region.

  • A detailled timetable is published latest 3 days before the event starts.

  • Size of competitionfloor: 12,5 x 21= 262,5 square meters each.

  • Up to 12 couples are competing together in one heat.

  • If there are 8 couples or more in the same heat, the music is 1’45’’ (WW and Jive 1’15’’) minimum.

  • If there is an entry of 15 couples or more in one class, there will be 3 rounds, up to 14 couples - two rounds.

  • If there is an entry of maximum 6 couples there is only a final round

  • If there is a tie for the next round, all couples at same place are qualyfied for the next round.

  • Marks in Semi-Final: if there are 8 couples ore more dancing in the Semifinal, exactly 6 marks are requested, if there are 7 couples in the Semifinal, there is a request of exactly 5 marks.

  • All Couples are allowed to dance according to the dress-regulations of their national country.

  • No visual marking - the results are published after the competitions .

  • A detailled timetable is published at least 3 days before the event. Therefore all couples are kindly requested to enter as soon as possible.
    Late entries can only be accepted, if there are no changes of the timetable are necessary!
    Closing date: March 1st, 2011

(Read complete article...) Freitag, Januar 21 @ 15:36:04 CET

Archiv 2011: Timetable 2011
Timetable according categories (PDF)
Detaiied timetable Saturday (PDF)
Detailed timetable Sunday (PDF)

Please note, that the given times may change up to +/- 45 minutes! Please take your number early enough and be prepared in time. Check In closes 30 minutes prior to the beginning time of the indiv. class!
Please do not forget protection-covers for lady's heels! Timetable is subject to change.
(Read complete article...) Freitag, Januar 21 @ 08:09:08 CET

Archiv 2011: Gallery 2011
(Read complete article...) Freitag, Januar 21 @ 08:06:17 CET

Archiv 2011: Results 2011
Results Saturday
Results Sunday
(Read complete article...) Freitag, Januar 21 @ 08:02:38 CET

Archiv 2011: Startlists 2011
Available here.
(Read complete article...) Freitag, Januar 21 @ 07:59:07 CET

Archiv 2011: Online-Entry 2011
The entry is possible with immediate effect: Online-Entry
(Read complete article...) Dienstag, Januar 18 @ 13:56:05 CET

Archiv 2011: Event-Info 2011
Here you find all detailled Information about the event being held on March, 12th and 13th, 2011.
Find every details about Agegroups, Levels/Grades, Dances, Rules, etc.
(Read complete article... | 5362 bytes more) Freitag, Januar 14 @ 07:55:52 CET

Archiv 2011: Event 2011
In a couple of days you will find detailled information here.
() Sonntag, Januar 02 @ 23:38:55 CET

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