Pilot Project

Partly replacing and in addition to the Competition-Rules of the Austrian DanceSport-Federation the following Rules are to be applied:

  • Simultaneous competitions on 2 or more floors. One panel of judges for each floor.
  • The panels do not change within a class. 5 or 7 judges are working in one panel. There are not more than two judges representing the same country/region.
  • A detailled timetable is published latest 3 days before the event starts.
  • Size of competitionfloor: 12,5 x 21= 262,5 square meters each.
  • Up to 14 couples are competing together in one heat.
  • If there is an entry of 15 couples or more in one class, there will be 3 rounds, up to 14 couples – two rounds.
  • If there is an entry of maximum 7 couples there is only a final round
  • If there is a tie for the next round, all couples at same place are qualyfied for the next round.
  • Marks in Semi-Final: if there are 8 couples ore more dancing in the Semifinal, exactly 6 marks are requested, if there are 7 couples in the Semifinal, there is a request of exactly 5 marks.
  • All Couples are allowed to dance according to the dress-regulations of their national country.
  • No visual marking – the results are published after the competitions .
  • A detailled timetable is published at least 3 days before the event. Therefore all couples are kindly requested to enter as soon as possible. Late entries can only be accepted, if there are no changes of the timetable are necessary!