Some changes in Timetable for Junior couples on Saturday

Due to expected forwards to the next level/class we need to change the following start times.
(An email will be sent to the impacted couples as well)

JUN 2 LAT D: floor 1, new 15:15. We ask the winner to compete also in JUN 2 LAT C
JUN 1 LAT C: floor 1, new: 16:05
: floor 3, new: 15:50
: floor 2, new: 16:20
JUN 2 LAT B: f
loor 3, new: 16:50

Updated Schedule (PDF) (PDF) Table of start times (PDF)

No impact to other competitions!

Update Time Schedule

Information/Update as of 13.3.2023:
The Juvenile Standard D-Class is possible now on Saturday and on Sunday! To give the youngest couples a possibility to compete we accepted ate entries.
Juvenile STA D: Saturday: 18:30 floor 1, Sunday: 12:40, floor 1. There is no impact given to any other competition.
We kindly ask the Juvenile couples – esp. on Saturday – to compete additionally in Junior I to give the only one entered couple a chance for a competition.

Correction Sunday Junior II Standard D-Class: this competition will start at 11:55 on floor 1. (We mixed up with Junior I which is canceled as no entries arrived)