The COVID-19-measures are based on the law  COVID-19-Basismaßnahmenverordnung as of March 5th, 2022.

We suggest (but not mandatory) to wear a mask throughout your stay at the venue.

People who feel sick, have flu-like symptoms or have fever are not allowed to enter the venue in their own interest and in consideration for all other people present!

All information given to this event is subject to change! Special COVID-19 governmental laws or organizer’s rules may apply and will be announced accordingly. We refuse any recourse without exemption. Thanks for your understanding!

Please pay attention to the common hygienic measures to avoid /COVID-19)-infections.

Participation is at your own risk!

All Information is subject to change – also on short notice!

Our COVID-19-Prevention Concept (Issue 2022, German language)

Covid-19-Präventionskonzept OPD 2022 V 2.0